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The Cosby Show - Kiss Me (2011)

TITLE - Kiss Me (2011)
PAIRING - Robert Foreman/Vanessa Huxtable
SUMMARY - Because sometimes crushes materialize.
WRITTEN FOR - gloriafan's So Kiss Me Meme

Vanessa smiled as Robert's fingers threaded through hers.

"Look, dear, its about to happen," Cliff said, nudging his wife. Clair turned her head up from the plate of food before her.

"Vanessa," Robert said, producing a velvet box from his pocket, "I love you, and I want to spend the-the rest of my life with you." He looked towards Cliff as if to ask permission. Cliff nodded with a smile and Robert continued. "So, that's why I'd like to ask you something - Vanessa, would you marry me?"

Clair gripped Cliff's hand as Vanessa looked up, tears gently streaming down her face. "Yes, Robert, yes, yes!" she replied, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Robert, I love you, I love you, too. Oh, wow, me and you can have children and we can get a dog," - Vanessa shot a glance at her father - "and maybe we can live with mom and dad until we get on our feet."

Cliff looked up and sighed towards the sky. Clair hit him gently in the shoulder. Robert placed his hands gently on her face. Running his finger across her cheek, he pulled her in as she wrapped his arms around his neck. His lips pressed gently against hers.

"I love you." they said in unison.
Tags: !fandom: cosby show, character: cs: clair hanks/huxtable, character: cs: cliff huxtable, character: cs: robert foreman, character: cs: vanessa huxtable, pairing: cs: robert/vanessa, rating: pg, written for: so kiss me
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