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The Baby-sitters Club - Dawn Don't (2011)

TITLE - Dawn Don't (2011)
SUMMARY - Instead of calling me "Sunshine," he called me "Dawn don't."
WRITTEN FOR - babysitters100

Instead of calling me "Sunshine," he called me "Dawn don't."


I, Dawn Schafer, tiptoed quickly across the crowded room. I smiled as I ran between the legs of an apparent family friend, making my way up the stairs and tripping on a stray building block before getting up again. Eventually, I found my way into Jeff's room (Jeff is the new baby). I heard a noise behind me but ignored it as I reached up and took hold of the crib, extending my hand out to baby Jeff.

"Dawn, don't!" my dad yelled, picking me up and putting me back down on the ground. Darn it.


I, Dawn Schafer, kneaded my Play-Doh back and forth, occasionally grabbing the plastic roller and flattening my mound.

"Sunshine, would you mind watching baby Jeff while your mom and I grab some iced herbal tea from the kitchen?" my dad asked, leaning on his knees to stand at my level.

"Sure," I replied, continuing my Play-Doh project. My dad smiled. I turned around and scowled at baby Jeff. I don't like him very much. Then, I had a mischievous thought. I jumped down from my seat, grabbing a new jar of purple Play-Doh from the table. I took the lid off, grabbing the purple glob out and squashing it in my hand.

I walked toward Jeff. Kneeling on the floor I held the Play-Doh out to his face, the purple very nearly squashing his delicate baby features…apparently, my new pet name is "Dawn, don't!" because at that moment, "Dawn don't!" is exactly what my dad yelled. Double darn it.


I, Dawn Schafer, carried an old purse full of building blocks through the house. On my way to the kitchen to see if we had any leftover homemade pizza, I stopped in Jeff's room. I smiled and took a few of my blocks out and reached them high into the air, preparing to throw them at Jeff.

"Dawn, don't!" my dad yelled, grabbing me in his arms. Three darn it's, whatever it is you call it.


"Would you like some ice cream, Dawn?" my mom asked us as we passed the local (organic) ice cream store. Jeff started to cry, Mom and dad turned quickly, rushing to his rescue. "Dawn, don't ever do that again!" my dad yelled. Four times DARN IT! What did I do?

"Oh, goody!" I yelled, coming to a halt. "I want Strawberry."

Soon enough, I was licking on the delicious treat. Jeff toddled along beside me.

In a moments time, I had thought that Jeff might want some and then shoved the frozen delight into his face.
Tags: !fandom: baby-sitters club, character: bsc: dawn schafer, character: bsc: jack schafer, character: bsc: jeff schafer, character: bsc: sharon schafer/spier, rating: g, written for: babysitters100
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