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The Baby-sitters Club/Kids Incorporated - Hate (2011)

TITLE - Hate (2011)
SUMMARY - Shannon Kilbourne hates Gabriella Von Bronn.
WRITTEN FOR - babysitters100

Shannon Kilbourne hates Gabriella Von Bronn.

Shannon hates the way she walks.

Shannon hates the way she sticks her nose into the air.

Shannon hates the way she finds a new curly haired girl every week to be her 'best friend'.

Shannon hates the way she humiliates girls and makes them turn their backs on their friends.

Shannon is glad Gabriella is moving away.

Shannon hopes she'll never see Gabriella again.

Shannon wants Gabriella to get a boyfriend just so he can dump her. And make her cry for once. She's already caused plenty enough girls to cry.

Shannon hopes if Gabriella gets dumped, she goes to TP his house and gets caught.

Shannon hopes Gabriella turns into a crazed cat lady or hermit or something.

Shannon will not go to her going away party. She will not get her a gift. She'll tell her parents she's sick. Then she'll stay home and watch a sitcom from the 50's or something. And hope she'll find a good friend like the teenage girl on the show did.

Shannon will always have the cold memory of trying to join the club.

Shannon will always hate Gabriella for being such a jerk.

Shannon will always hope she lives a sad, humiliating life with no resolve.

Shannon will never forgive Gabriella for what she did. Or let Tiffany or Maria fall into it.

Shannon doesn't like being mad, but it's necessary.

Because Shannon Kilbourne hates Gabriella Von Bronn.

Tags: !fandom: baby-sitters club, !fandom: kids incorporated, character: bsc: maria kilbourne, character: bsc: shannon kilbourne, character: bsc: tiffany kilbourne, character: ki: gabriella von braun, rating: pg, written for: babysitters100
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