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The Baby-sitters Club - Shuffle (2011)

TITLE - Shuffle (2011)
PAIRING - Bart Taylor/Kristy Thomas, Logan Bruno/Mary Anne Spier, Patrick Thomas/Elizabeth Thomas, Pete Black/Claudia Kishi, Richard Spier/Alma Spier, Sam Thomas/Stacey McGill, Scott Lamberg/Stacey McGill, Suzi Barrett/Jamie Newton, Toby Harper/Stacey McGill, Watson Brewer/Elizabeth Thomas
SUMMARY - Ten ficlets inspired by randomly picked songs on my iPod.

Elton John - Crocodile Rock

No one knew how much it depressed Elizabeth Thomas to hear Crocodile Rock on the radio. She couldn't smile when she remembered the love that her and Patrick had shared, and how much the song reminded her that it was gone. Altered lyrics would run through her head, The years went by, and love just died. Patrick went and left me, what a jerk of a guy, long nights crying…Before she could go any further, a thought crossed her mind, a happy one. The dress shop pulled into view as the happy thought permeated the sad one, I'm marrying Watson.

Kids Inc. - Defunkitized

Claud spots him, and hopes he doesn't spot her. But Pete Black walks quickly across the crowded room, blaring techno music coming through the speakers. "Dance?" he asks.

Kids Inc. - There'll be Sad Songs

Stacey choked back tears as Kristy's words ran through her mind again and again. Sam? Another girl? This can't be happening, he loves her.

4Him - Let the Lion Run Free

Byron breathed out. Stacey was right last week, instead of standing on the sidelines and watching Jordan, Adam, and Jeff swim, he should make JAB(F) complete. He straightened up, running and canonballing into the water. The water from the small but oh so sustaining pool splashed Stacey, water staining her paperback. But she smiled, "That a boy, Byron."

Bishop Paul S. Morton - Cry Your Last Tear

Richard shakily breathed in. The tears fell down his face and he felt a slight disturbance on the photo of Alma he was holding. A single tear landed towards the bottom of the picture. He grabbed the very bottom of his shirt and wiped it quickly. Richard returned his gaze to his late wife's beauty. He sighed, closing his eyes and mouthing shakily, 'God, I apologize for never taking the time to speak to you like Alma did in my time of trouble. But since I do know you're a god of love, I must ask you grant my grieving heart some peace. Amen.' He wasn't altogether sure he had done it right, but he had turned over to God.

Remedy Drive - All Along

Something was missing from her life, her heart. Stacey McGill's life stunk. Badly. After the diabetes, and Laine, everything went downhill. But then back up again. The BSC filled the void. The words rung in her ears, The Best Friends I'll Ever Have.

Disney Orchestra & Choir - Wedding Announcement

"He what?" Kristy exclaimed into the phone.

"He proposed! Logan proposed!" replied Mary Anne.

Randy Travis - Forever and Ever, Amen

"Could I have the brothers of the bride?" the photographer asked. Charlie and Sam walked quickly across the church, David Michael and Andrew following at their heels.

"Ugh, look at your ties!" Kristy, Karen, and Emily Michelle exclaimed in unison.

"Please don't bother with this now!" Bart exclaimed, motioning Mary Anne, Stacey, Dawn, Logan, Shannon, Mallory, Jessi and Abby to their places behind him and Kristy.

"Seriously, you guys? Let's just get the picture taken!" exclaimed Claud from behind the camera. She pressed a button and ran to her place, adjusting her earrings (a feather and a tiny pizza). "Smile," Claud directed.

Kids Inc. - Circle in the Sand

Stacey walked down the beach quietly, nothing to light her path except the boardwalk. She crept to the place where she had written her name and Scott's. Crossing Scott's name out she replaced it with Toby's. "Goodbye, jerk," she said aloud.

pureNRG - Are You Ready

Jamie Newton walked nervously down the sidewalk to the Barrett-DeWitt household. He knocked on the door, a sweet voice saying, "Come in," in reply. Jamie slowly opened the door to find Suzi, beautiful as ever, in her prom dress. "You ready?" she asked.

Jamie's mouth went dry and "Sure," was all he could choke out.

Tags: !fandom: baby-sitters club, character: bsc: abby stevenson, character: bsc: adam pike, character: bsc: alma baker/spier, character: bsc: andrew brewer, character: bsc: bart taylor, character: bsc: byron pike, character: bsc: charlie thomas, character: bsc: claudia kishi, character: bsc: david michael thomas, character: bsc: dawn schafer, character: bsc: elizabeth thomas/brewer, character: bsc: emily michelle brewer, character: bsc: jamie newton, character: bsc: jeff schafer, character: bsc: jessi ramsey, character: bsc: jordan pike, character: bsc: karen brewer, character: bsc: kristy thomas, character: bsc: laine cummings, character: bsc: logan bruno, character: bsc: mallory pike, character: bsc: mary anne spier, character: bsc: patrick thomas, character: bsc: pete black, character: bsc: richard spier, character: bsc: sam thomas, character: bsc: scott, character: bsc: shannon kilbourne, character: bsc: stacey mcgill, character: bsc: suzi barrett, character: bsc: toby, character: bsc: watson brewer, pairing: bsc: bart/kristy, pairing: bsc: logan/mary anne, pairing: bsc: patrick/elizabeth, pairing: bsc: pete/claudia, pairing: bsc: richard/alma, pairing: bsc: sam/stacey, pairing: bsc: scott/stacey, pairing: bsc: suzi/jamie, pairing: bsc: toby/stacey, pairing: bsc: watson/elizabeth, rating: pg
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