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The Baby-sitters Club - The Dream (2011)

TITLE - The Dream (2011)
PAIRING - Jeff Schafer/Vanessa Pike
SUMMARY - Vanessa Pike is a dreamer...especially when it comes to Jeff.
WRITTEN FOR - babysitters100 (recipient: lucida)

Vanessa Pike rolled over in bed, letting out a groan. She raised her head up enough to read the clock. 3:45. Great, she thought, to early to wake up. Looking at her nightstand she smiled. A picture of her and the other members of the New Baby-sitters Club was in the frame. It consisted of her brothers Byron and Nicky, her friend Charlotte Johansson, Jackie Rodowsky, James Hobart, Hannie Papadakis, and Karen Brewer. Stuck on the back with the aid of some bubble gum, was a teensy-weensy version of one of Jeff Schafer's school pictures given to her by Byron. Byron, she thought with a smile, he knows the importance of photos.

Jeff. Simply the sound of the Californian's name was enough to make her poetic heart pound. A smile on her face, she settled back beneath the covers, drifting back to sleep and into a dream.

Vanessa watches as Jeff enters the ballroom, a bouquet of pink and red roses in his hands. His black tuxedo shines as he approaches her, handing her the flowers and putting his arms around her. He magically begins to make them dance somehow, and the other couples clear out of the way, letting take the center of the floor. Once the music finally stops, he leans in and she leans in, they inch closer and closer -

"Vanessa! Get up!" Vanessa was awakened then by the sound of her sister Margo calling. She groaned and got up, making her way to the bathroom. She pulled her hair up into a cute style Mal had shown her in a magazine the other day, shoving two chopsticks into a sloppy bun. She pulled on her clothes and walked out the door and down the stairs, grabbing a granola bar from the kitchen table.

"Mom, mom! I'm having a walk, I'm telling you this so no creeper will stalk!" Vanessa yelled.

"Alright," Dee called in reply. With that, Vanessa started the walk. She had only gotten a few steps down the sidewalk to her destination (Char's house) before she heard a noise behind her that broke into her thoughts.

"Vanessa Pike?" a semi-deep male voice asked from behind her.

Who else? Jeff Schafer was standing behind her.

"What the heck? Oh, Jeff!" she yelled, running over to him, but stopping abruptly when she realized it wasn't some classic romance.

"How are you?" he asked, broadening his grin. A seashell necklace dangled over his tanned skin of his throat, making Vanessa wish the boys in Stoneybrook looked, well, beachy, like Jeff did.

"Good," she replied. "How are you? What are you here to do?"

"Well, I decided that while summer was still in full swing, I'd come visit my Connecticut crowd."

"Well," Vanessa sighed. Am I part of your crowd? She asked herself silently. "I better leave you alone. I know the triplets will want to see you, soon. Bye." Vanessa attempted to walk off just then, but before she could walk away, she felt his mouth brush gently and quickly across hers.

Vanessa awakens with a start, her heart pounding in her chest. A dream inside a dream. She closed her eyes one more time, hoping to continue it, only to hear a knock on her door.

"Come in," she mumbled.

The triplets, all three, barged into her room, oblivious to the fact that she's trying to nap. She sensed another presence, lagging behind Adam. Her brothers have just started high school, but still have no sense of personal space or privacy.

"Vanessa!" Jordan cried happily, "look who's here!" He stepped forward, giving his sister's shoulder a good shake to make sure she was awake. When he moved out of the way - Jeff Schafer filled her field of vision. She blinked with confusion, quickly drawing the conclusion that no, she wasn't still dreaming - this time, it's for real. She jumped out of bed running quickly into the bathroom and rushing to fix her hair and clothes. When she made it back to the door, her heart skipped a beat as she caught one last glimpse of Jeff as he followed her brothers out of the room. Her jaw dropped in horror. They'd mistaken her running to the bathroom to mean she didn't want to see them! Without thinking, she chased after them, grabbing hold of the back of Jeff's v-neck tee.

"Wait!" she called, catching Jeff's attention. "Would you - would you, um…I was wondering if, if uh…" Vanessa swallowed hard as a blush rose to coat the back of her neck, wishing she had as much confidence as she did in the dream.

She was shocked to see Jeff turning a rosy shade of red in response. He faltered, averting his eyes from hers after a moment. "Well, " he began, tugging at the bottom of his shirt, "I was wondering if you would g-go out with me next Saturday."

Vanessa froze, remembering what she had once confessed to Mallory in a moment of weakness: every time I talk to him, my mouth went dry, like I had sawdust on my tongue. She nodded wordlessly, venturing a smile as she stared up at him in wonderment – and dread. Was it a dare? Was it just a joke?

To her relief, he smiled back, and they shared a bright white grin momentarily. He turned back to the stairs then, running down to catch up with her older brothers.

Vanessa stood in the hall for a long moment, her eyes following him until he was out of sight. When she put her hand over her heart, it beat rapidly.

"Wow," She whispered. Not even in her dreams did she ever score a date with him!

Tags: !fandom: baby-sitters club, character: bsc: adam pike, character: bsc: byron pike, character: bsc: charlotte johanssen, character: bsc: hannie papadakis, character: bsc: jackie rodowsky, character: bsc: james hobart, character: bsc: jeff schafer, character: bsc: jordan pike, character: bsc: karen brewer, character: bsc: mallory pike, character: bsc: margo pike, character: bsc: nicky pike, character: bsc: vanessa pike, pairing: bsc: jeff/vanessa, rating: g, written for: babysitters100, written for: gift!fic
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