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Kids Incorporated - Fresh Fruit (2011)

TITLE - Fresh Fruit (2011)
SUMMARY - Season 2. When the gang find they have no more money, they attempt to open a fresh fruit stand.
WRITTEN FOR - luxken27's Summer Mini Challenge

"Hey, kids!" Riley said as Gloria, Ryan, Renee, Kid and Stacy came off stage.

"Hi, Riley." Gloria replied as he sat their pre-made ice cream on the counter. The five kids dug in as if they had never eaten before.

"Why so hungry?" Riley asked, picking Ryan and Renee's empty containers from the counter and putting them in a tub.

"We're not hungry at all." Ryan said. "It's just really, really hot." He said, fanning himself with a napkin.

"Yeah, it's miserable." Stacy agreed, handing Riley her empty bowl. Ryan reached into his pocket, feeling around for his wallet. He opened the leather wallet to find he was broke, he shouldn't have bought that sleeveless leather jacket at the mall last week.

"I'm broke!" he said, angrily shoving his empty wallet back into his pocket. "I need ice cream. I gotta make some extra money."

"Yeah, me too." Gloria said. "I have to have a new swimsuit this summer."

Renee, Kid, and Stacy agreed they had to have new summer clothing, also.

"Well, how about a lemonade stand?" Riley recommended, wiping the counter with a wet dishtowel.

"Nah," Ryan said, "that's been done already."

"Yeah," Gloria agreed, "it isn't original."

"Well," Riley reasoned, "you could open a fresh fruit stand at the farmer's market, they're open almost every day during the summer."

"Hey, yeah! That'd be awesome! They have all kinds of cool stuff there!" Kid exclaimed.

"Yeah, we wouldn't be out of place either. I've seen tons of stuff there. People sell crafts, clothes, tie-dye…" Renee agreed.

"Well, if it's such a great idea, let's go!" Ryan exclaimed, jumping from his seat and heading to the door.


Everything was set, they had managed to get a table and location from Stacy and Renee's aunt on their dad's side, and also bought some fruit from Kid's granddad's garden. Strawberries, lemons, oranges, even kiwi. They lined each colorful fruit type on the table and began to work their business magic.


Kid groaned. It had been three hours of sitting in the hot sun, only selling one bag of strawberries, and that was too Riley (his mother makes an amazing Strawberry Shortcake, you know).

They would perk up whenever a customer walked by, eying their fruit and then walking forward.

Ryan stopped his yawn short as a potential customer walked by. A young kid, about 10 years old, walked up to their table. With one foul swoop, he knocked all the fruit from the table before turning and running.

"Hey, punk kid!" Ryan yelled, but it was too late, all the fruit had been knocked from their display. Various fruits rolled around the block. Their fruit was gone, which meant their table was gone, which meant no more ice cream. Gloria sighed as the other kids took their seats at the empty table again.

"What are we going to do now?" Stacy asked.

Gloria smiled and reached into her pocket, grabbing the few dollars they had made. "Come," she said, "let's get some lemonade." And with that, they stood and ran to the lemonade stand.

"You know what they say," laughed Renee, taking a swig of her lemonade, "when you're lemons roll away, buy lemonade." The other four laughed. It was one interesting summer job alright.
Tags: !fandom: kids incorporated, character: ki: gloria, character: ki: renee, character: ki: riley, character: ki: ryan, character: ki: stacy, character: ki: the kid blaster, rating: g, written for: summer mini challenge
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