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Kids Incorporated - Shuffle (2011)

TITLE - Shuffle (2011)
PAIRING - Jules Barber/Renee Brown, Mickey Smith/Gloria Rodriguez, Ryan Lambert/Stacy Brown
SUMMARY - Season 0/Pilot+. Ten ficlets inspired by randomly picked songs on my iPod.

Kids Inc. - Never Surrender

Never. She would never surrender to death. She wanted to stay with him forever.

Gloria felt tears drop onto her hands as her father breathed his last breath. "I love you, daddy." she said.


Ashley Tisdale - Be Good to Me

Stacy stood beside the bleachers; Ryan stood in a crowd of girls, cheerleaders. It didn't matter what kind of nerdy crap he was talking about, because they pretended to listen. Stacy began to breath heavier, gritting her teeth as the head cheerleader stepped in front of Ryan. She stepped through the crowd of girls, pulling the cheerleader away from Ryan and facing her. "Excuse me," she said, "but he is my boyfriend."


Kids Inc. - Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

Maybe it was his colorful costume. Or maybe his accent. Whatever it was, it made The Kid want in. His friend from Togo toted his suitcase out to the door. Kid sighed, "Wait," he said, "I'm coming with you."


Miley Cyrus - Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah was Stacy's choice for the band's Disney tribute week. The song is fitting, she thought, "I'm in love with Ryan, talk about a perfect day." she said aloud, but quietly enough so no one else would hear her.


Kids Inc. - The Sun Rises

Renee stood from her seat. She smiled through dry tears. She knocked the smiling picture of her and Jules off her bedside table. Even after breaking up with Jules, she found a happy thought, The sun will rise tomorrow.


David Archuleta - O Come All Ye Faithful

Connie breathed. She walked to stage and began to sing. The band was performing an entire week of Christmas concerts, and every night, each member had to pick one Christmas song to perform. The day was Wednesday, her third song choice was O Come All Ye Faithful, and she pulled it off with flair, hitting the amazingly high note in the middle. "Awesome!" Devyn commented from backstage with a thumbs up.


The Rubyz - Outrageous

Renee stood onstage, she was very nearly ready to begin auditioning. But she was nervous, horribly, amazingly nervous. The music started and she began her rendition of Pat B's Heartbreaker, leaving Mickey, Gloria, Danny, Chris, and Jennifer stunned. They put their heads together, discussing the performance. Gloria leaned up, "You're in." she said.

Renee ran off stage to Stacy. "Hey, what about me?" Stacy asked.


Kids Inc. - That's Dancin'

"But I don't know how!" Mickey complained.

"Here, I'll teach you." Gloria replied, offering her hand. She proceeded to show him a few of her favorite moves. Danny sat beside the counter, out of sight.

"Stinkin' Mickey," he mumbled, "stole my girl."


Kids Inc. - Music for the Modern World

A new decade had began. And Stacy hated it. Rap stunk. But Ryan liked it. And that was enough. She felt something around her and jumped a little bit before turning to see Ryan. "Music has changed," he said, "but I still love you."


Kids Inc. - Hold On

The days were long, and the band hardly ever found time to be together anymore. But when they did, they encouraged one another. "Hold on." they'd say. "You're not at fault."

Tags: !fandom: kids incorporated, character: ki: gloria, character: ki: jules, character: ki: renee, character: ki: ryan, character: ki: stacy, character: ki: the kid blaster, pairing: ki: jules/renee, pairing: ki: mickey/gloria, pairing: ki: ryan/stacy, rating: pg
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