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Kids Incorporated - Sunshine Yellow (2011)

TITLE - Sunshine Yellow (2011)
PAIRING - Mickey Smith/Gloria Rodriguez, Ryan Lambert/Stacy Brown
SUMMARY - How did they know exactly what they wanted as an end of summer treat?
WRITTEN FOR - luxken27's Summer Mini Challenge

August sun found its way through the trees as a gentle steady breeze blew through the same trees. Mickey, Gloria, Stacy and Ryan laughed whole-heartedly as they biked slowly down the street.

Stacy and Gloria stopped beside a store window. Pressing their faces against the window, they stared at two identical, sunshine yellow sundresses. They sighed as they looked back down at their own.

Ryan and Mickey stepped forward. "What is it girls?" Mickey asked. Though it was clear to Gloria and Stacy he already knew, she answered him anyway. They both pointed to their respective dresses.

Ryan and Mickey stole a quick glance at each other. They walked quickly to their bikes and grabbed the picnic baskets. They grabbed two identically wrapped boxes from both baskets.

Ryan handed one to Stacy and Mickey handed the other to Gloria.

"Whoa…" they breathed in unison. Inside the boxes were sunshine yellow sundresses, similar to the ones they saw in the store window, except fancier, with little golden jewels glued around the waist. The girls wrapped their husbands in their warm embrace.

How did they know that was exactly what they wanted as an end of summer treat?

How did they know what size to get? Men don't pay attention to that.

They both shoved the questions from their mind as the boys leaned their heads down, kissing them both.

Summers have come and gone, but love will never leave.
Tags: !fandom: kids incorporated, character: ki: gloria, character: ki: mickey, character: ki: ryan, character: ki: stacy, pairing: ki: mickey/gloria, pairing: ki: ryan/stacy, rating: g, written for: summer mini challenge
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